Saturday, April 23, 2005

An Introduction

Hello fellow knitters! I'm Kristin. I've been knitting for almost 5 years now, and since then, yarn has become my passion. I'm also a new spinner. My blog is Bite This Knit Bit.

I started on the GAAA in January, and have since completed 11 squares. (#11 is blocking right now.) So far, it's one of the most enjoyable projects I've tackled. I love aran patterns, natural colored wool is my favorite color to work with, and since each square is a mini project, I feel like I have a little FO each time. Plus, each pattern has taught me a new technique or two, making it even more invaluable. I'm thrilled to see others knitting it too.

Aside from knitting, I am a freelance graphic artist and website designer. Although it takes time away from my knitting, it funds my yarn addiction quite nicely. ;) I also hand make soap and body products, and dabble in many other forms of arts and crafts. But... knitting will always be my first love.


deletethisaccount said...

Thanks for the intro Kristin! I've been reading your blog lately and just love it! the format is quite beautiful too.
I feel the same about this afghan ... I've learned something with each block so far. I think I may start a little notebook of tips and tricks so I don't forget them all *lol*

Silver said...

Thank you Carissa :)

Kim in Oregon said...

Kristin...11 squares! Wowza!

Michelle said...

You give me hope that I might be able to get it done in time for my sister's wedding at the end of July.

BTW, I'm not only a newbie to this site but to blogging in general. I feel stupid asking this since usually I'm the one people come to with their computer questions but, um, how do I create a new post?

wittyknits said...


If you go to, you should be able to log in and see your "dashboard" which will have a create post link for this blog. Once you click that, you'll see the block to type into.

You have to "re-publish" the blog to then see it show up on the site--there will be a button for that as you go through.


Michelle said...

I presume you mean in the section where it lists your blogs? That section is empty for me, and I don't see any other options that look like what you're describing.

wittyknits said...


Just sent you an email that should help you out. Looks like you got deleted somehow.