Friday, May 20, 2005

3/4's through!

I've finished squares #14 & 15 (Ann McCauley's & Ginger Smith's) and I'm a third into my 16th ( Patt Tanton Hewitt). I haven't taken pictures yet as I'm really busy with other things... kids extracurricular activities (amazing how busy the last two weeks of school are!) and I'm busy with graphic work. I'll get pictures done asap.

A word of warning, the Hewitt square has some mean cables in it. They're a challenge! Seriously... cables done with not just a cable needle, but also two dpns?!? Crazy.. but they're beautiful. I really think this square should have been one of the "most challenging" instead of the fishy square. I'm convinced they made a mistake. hehe


Kim in Oregon said...

I don't have the book in front of me but I'm going to go home and check the 'mean cables'...I bet they're gorgeous.

Kim in Oregon said...

Woah. I looked at the cable patterns...not one, not two, but three different needles holding stitches. Pretty amazing!

mak506 said...

Ooooo. I was kind of disappointed when I discovered how easy basic cabling is. Maybe this project'll make me reconsider that. Heh!