Thursday, May 05, 2005

Something fishy

Janet Martin Square

This is on the list of most challenging squares, but I swear, that has to be a mistake. Unless they just didn't have any other "challenging" squares and had to pick the toughest easy square. lol This was very easy! And quick to knit.

I've already started on my next square, Ann McCauley's. I'm about 1/4 through.


Kim in Oregon said...

Wow! I like it!

So you did this in what, 3 days? Yikes!

Silver said...

Yeah.. like I said, it was quick to knit! That's why I don't get why they say it's difficult. Anything that flies off my needles like this can't be difficult. LOL

deletethisaccount said...

Beautiful! love it :)

wittyknits said...

Looks great--I'm definitely making that one of my next ones!