Saturday, July 02, 2005


I can't believe it! It's finished!!!
*happy happy happy dance*

I should warn you, the border is more work than it looks. It's almost 3 balls of yarn, and took several days of good knitting time to finish it. But once it was finished, it only took a couple hours to stitch it to the afghan. And man, what a difference it makes! All the squares are neat and even now. It's so much more beautiful in person.

I am so happy I decided to make this. Here's to all of you currently working on it! Keep it up, its so worth the effort! :)


deletethisaccount said...

OMG! that is just stunning!!! absolutely beautiful job!

wittyknits said...

Congratulations!!! That looks incredible!

And thanks for the warning on the border--I started mine to keep in my purse for random knitting moments, and only got through a few repeats. I'm glad to know how much yardage I'm going to need though.

Cat said...

Wow! That's beautiful.. makes me feel quite lazy for having finished only 4 squares, hah!

mak506 said...

So beautiful! I'm just poring over the book right now pondering which squares to make and whether I want to do them all or just a select few repeated, but your afghan makes me want to try each one of them!

Katie said...

Your blanket is GORGEOUS! :) nice job!