Friday, July 15, 2005

What were they thinking about needle sizes?!

Hi, I'm Susan and I'm new to the list. I'm making the GAAA as a wedding gift for my daughter--aiming to get it done by Oct 10. I'm using Cascade 220, which I like a lot, and am on my fifth square (Selesnick). I've completed Adams, Berztiss, Levy, and Strong. [Can't post pictures yet, as I have to learn more about my digital camera first. :-) ]

I am loving knitting these patterns, but one thing is confusing me (well, more than one, but this one is really making me scratch my head). I've been using a size 8 needle for squares that recommend a 7, based on my gauge swatch. I supposed that I should just go up one needle size from the recommendation for each square. However, I got about 3 in. of the Adams square done using a 7 (Adams recommended a 6) and realized that no amount of blocking was going to get it close enough to 12" square, so I ripped it out and used an 8, and it turned out fine.

So I thought well, maybe maybe I should just go up two needle sizes, at least for heavily cabled squares. So I started the Selesnick square on a 10, which I saw was wa-ay too loose after a few rows, ripped it out and used a 9 (still too loose), and now I'm using an 8 (the recommended size), which looks as if it will work fine.

So it's looking to me like I should just use an 8 for most squares, unless there's something really unusual about the pattern (and how would I judge that?). Have the rest of you had experiences like mine, and what have you done about needle size? Do you have any hints to offer?

Thanks--this group is a great idea.

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wittyknits said...

I used the recommended needle size on all the blocks, and only one or two really took a lot of stretching to get to 12 x 12. I had more trouble with some of the ones that were listed as "repeat pattern rows x # of times" coming out too long.

I do think it will all even out in the sewing up. I shoudl know for sure on that by Monday--I plan to put all the longer squares on one row, and all the shorter on another so it evens out. Sorry I don't have more concrete advice.