Thursday, August 04, 2005

Border yarn?

Hey, to those of you who've finished: how much yarn did it take you to sew up and knit the border? I bought 25 balls of yarn for a 30-square afghan (five squares by six) and am growing a bit uneasy about whether this will actually be enough or not. So far I've used about eight balls for 11 squares, which leaves me only about three balls for sewing and border (8/11=0.72 *30=21.8 is about 22 balls for the thirty squares). This doesn't sound like enough to me...

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wittyknits said...


Someone else mentioned using about 3 balls for the border, but I think mine was just a little over 2. I had originally bought 25 balls for the 20 square afghan, and I think I had 2 full balls plus several partials left over at the end.