Friday, August 19, 2005

A Square in a Day

Yesterday I realized my dream of knitting an entire square in a day. I started knitting at 10:30 and worked through to 12:30am, with perhaps two hours spent on lunch, dinner, and a phone call to the boyfriend. The result? The Kathleen T. Carty square! I now have a total of 15 squares done (15th being blocked), which puts me halfway towards my goal of 30 squares for my sister's ginormous afghan. I have eight unique squares, and will need to choose two more. Each square will be repeated three times.

I also wanted to share some pictures of my blocking board, since people had been complaining about how annoying it was to block the squares. I took a long piece of wood (about two inches wide and deep) and cut it into lengths of just over a foot, mitered the corners, and glued it together into a square. I covered the square with leftover calico fabric (stapling it on the back) and then drove little tacks in every three inches to form a 12" by 12" outline. All I have to do to block a square is wet it down, stretch it over the tacks, and leave it alone for a day.

Closeups of the finished blocks and larger versions of these pictures are available at


strikkeforsker said...

Brilliant idea for blocking, I will have the BF make me one. The purple colour is gorgeous.

Angela said...

One square in one day, wow. That is some serious knitting time! Thanks for showing you're blocking board. That will definitely come in handy as I finish more squares!

Anonymous said...

those squares are beautiful. The colour is lovely and the knitting stitches are coming out really nicely - very regular knitting and good definition in the wool.

Micky said...

Beautiful squares in yummy purple. What could be better?