Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Greetings from Australia!

Hello everyone, As soon as I saw this afghan, I knew I HAD to make it though it may be a slow process for me. As yet I do not have the patterns and have a friend in Indiana looking for me.

Then the next huge decision is which yarn to use! I know everyone has their favourite and Aussie yarns are classed in plys which makes it difficult for me to know what to get. I am sort of thinking about the Wool of the Andes Natural as it is a reasonable price for me to pay. Has anyone here used this for an afghan and if so, what did you think of it?

I live on a small cattle property in Queensland with lots of pets and of course cattle LOL. I love many crafts but favourite right now is rubber stamping. I look forward to charting my progress on the afghan on here WHEN I ever get started LOL!!

Cheers, Jean


strikkeforsker said...

Well come Jean,
I use Cascade 220 as an alternative to the plymouth encore, which knits up beautifully. Wool of the Andes and Cascade has the same yardage, so it should be fine.


Jean said...

Hi Ulla, Many thanks for replying to my post! I am still searching for the pattern and cannot make up my mind as to which yarn yet. The Plymouth Encore is going to quite costly for me by the time I get it shipped to Australia!