Monday, April 03, 2006

Finished denim afghan

At long last, I finished the afghan! Fedexed it to my granddaughter who loves it. Learned SO much while doing it. Although I considered myself an experienced knitter, I was humbled numerous times while doing the project‚ …and loved every minute of it.
One thing I did wrong, perhaps no one will know but me. I substituted 3 of the pillow squares for those in the original afghan. After I was done I laid all the squares out using my judgment so the bobbles, "pictures", mitered and vertical squares, etc., were evenly distributed. Then I decided to try it using the original order. That's the way I ended up assembling it, only to realize when I was all done that I had the two tree squares right next to each other. Should have followed my original (better) judgment.
One final note about yarn snobbery. I said in my initial post that I had misgivings about using Red Heart yarn (yeah, Wal-Mart carries it, so it can't be any good.) Well, after I finished the afghan I ordered more of it to do myself a sweater. So there you are.
Thanks for the Blog‚ …I enjoyed living through it with all of you!
Now on to the next project!

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