Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm a newbie too

Hey there. I thought I would introduce myself too. Glad others did it first, I was feeling kinda shy about doing it without any progress. Thanks for letting me join.

I am a reader of Carissa's blog and saw all the beautiful squares she was doing. And so I checked out the book and had to get it. I am doing the Rogue and am now in love with cables. This was my first time doing them.

Hopefully I can do it justice.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another newbie to the group

Hello all,
I am another new member to the group. I haven't started on the GAAA yet because I am busy finishing my second afghan now. It is also a sampler afghan whose pattern was from Family Circle Easy Afghan. However, I have already decided to use Lion Brand Wool-Ease for GAAA because of its price and easy care ... and also I don't have to keep the stash at home. I can just go to Jo-Ann or Michael's when I run out of yarns! :)
You can have a look at the afghan I am working on now here. Once I start on the GAAA I'll post again. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New to group


Thank you for allowing me to join the group. I started the Ginette Belanger square on Monday Sept 19. The square is coming along great now but had a false start.

After I completed the first 24 row repeat I noticed the sequence of the border stitches on both sides of the cable pattern were not lining up correctly on a couple of rows and my DH notice this also. I determined that I had started the row using a row 2 from the border pattern instead of a row 4 and this is what caused the problem. I did rip back and started over and I now have completed 2 repeats and the square looks great.

There are a few things I am doing different then the pattern states as far as the cast on and the edge stitches. I used a crochet cast on with waste yarn and I am slipping the first stitch as if to knit at the beginning of every row and purling the last stitch of every row and instead of binding off the last row will place stitches on waste yarn or a stitch holder. The theory is that assembling the afghan will be easier.

Also all the cast ons will be 60 stitches, work the garter rows and then either decrease or increase to the stitches needed to complete the square. I realize there are a couple of squares this may not work for but will cross that bridge when I get to it.