Saturday, August 20, 2005

A square in a day, too

Last Sunday, a hot, and humid LI summer's day I camped in the room with AC and knitted all day. So I finished the Ada Fenick square, which is a fairly easy one. The designer actually live in the area. It shows the tree of life, though I also see some similarities to a menorah (sp?). That's 8 down and 12 to go.

Friday, August 19, 2005

A Square in a Day

Yesterday I realized my dream of knitting an entire square in a day. I started knitting at 10:30 and worked through to 12:30am, with perhaps two hours spent on lunch, dinner, and a phone call to the boyfriend. The result? The Kathleen T. Carty square! I now have a total of 15 squares done (15th being blocked), which puts me halfway towards my goal of 30 squares for my sister's ginormous afghan. I have eight unique squares, and will need to choose two more. Each square will be repeated three times.

I also wanted to share some pictures of my blocking board, since people had been complaining about how annoying it was to block the squares. I took a long piece of wood (about two inches wide and deep) and cut it into lengths of just over a foot, mitered the corners, and glued it together into a square. I covered the square with leftover calico fabric (stapling it on the back) and then drove little tacks in every three inches to form a 12" by 12" outline. All I have to do to block a square is wet it down, stretch it over the tacks, and leave it alone for a day.

Closeups of the finished blocks and larger versions of these pictures are available at

Friday, August 05, 2005

Sharing my good news....

The Ohio State Fair started Wednesday, so yesterday after work my friend and I rushed to get up to the fair and check out my results. I had heard a rumor of the afghan category results, but I wasn't going to believe it until I saw it myself:

That's first place in the knitted afghans class, and Best in Show in the Afghans division!! I'm absolutely thrilled. The second and first place afghans were really stunning as well, so I'm very proud of my achievement! It was worth the frantic finish at the end to get it done.

I have to admit I find it funny that the worst square in the whole afghan is so prominently displayed. I did something seriously weird to that in the round square at the bottom of the rosette and didn't have time to fix it via blocking! I guess they gave me the benefit of the doubt.

I also placed third in the Original Design class for a fair isle capelet, so I'm really happy with that too!

Has anyone else entered their knitting into county or state fairs?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Border yarn?

Hey, to those of you who've finished: how much yarn did it take you to sew up and knit the border? I bought 25 balls of yarn for a 30-square afghan (five squares by six) and am growing a bit uneasy about whether this will actually be enough or not. So far I've used about eight balls for 11 squares, which leaves me only about three balls for sewing and border (8/11=0.72 *30=21.8 is about 22 balls for the thirty squares). This doesn't sound like enough to me...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I finished my first square!

I'm very excited to join GAAAA and to finally post my first square. It took me only a couple weeks to complete it with knitting in the evenings and trying to knit on the weekends. It was so much fun to do and challenging at the same time. My husband helped me pick out the yarn color and helps with motivation: "Honey, that is going to look so cool when your done . . ."

I added the picture of the Levy square here on my blog: