Friday, August 05, 2005

Sharing my good news....

The Ohio State Fair started Wednesday, so yesterday after work my friend and I rushed to get up to the fair and check out my results. I had heard a rumor of the afghan category results, but I wasn't going to believe it until I saw it myself:

That's first place in the knitted afghans class, and Best in Show in the Afghans division!! I'm absolutely thrilled. The second and first place afghans were really stunning as well, so I'm very proud of my achievement! It was worth the frantic finish at the end to get it done.

I have to admit I find it funny that the worst square in the whole afghan is so prominently displayed. I did something seriously weird to that in the round square at the bottom of the rosette and didn't have time to fix it via blocking! I guess they gave me the benefit of the doubt.

I also placed third in the Original Design class for a fair isle capelet, so I'm really happy with that too!

Has anyone else entered their knitting into county or state fairs?


Michelle said...

Congratulations! That's awesome. It really looks beautiful, and all those pretty ribbons don't hurt. ;)

Any chance we'll get to see the capelet too?

S t a c i said...

Congrats! Good job! I'm new to the group, but I read about your mad-dash to finish up before the fair. Looks like it was all worthwhile now...both first place in knitted afghans AND Best in Show for afghans.

You earned it!
S t a c i

deletethisaccount said...

YEAH!!! You deserve it girl!!! way to go!

wittyknits said...

Thanks everyone! And Michelle, the capelet is over on my blog

hedgehog said...

Well done and Congratulations!!

We had plans to go to the fair and i was going to look for yours (but we went to COSI instead!)

Very glad to see it won! :)

-hh (just a lurker - the work here is sooooo gorgeous!!)