Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I finished my first square!

I'm very excited to join GAAAA and to finally post my first square. It took me only a couple weeks to complete it with knitting in the evenings and trying to knit on the weekends. It was so much fun to do and challenging at the same time. My husband helped me pick out the yarn color and helps with motivation: "Honey, that is going to look so cool when your done . . ."

I added the picture of the Levy square here on my blog: http://www.mannmadecrafts.com/blog/index.php?category=1


Silver said...

Hi Angela! (It's Silver from KnittingHelp) Nice job on your first square. Keep it up!!

Angela said...

Thanks for the compliment. But I should really thank you for showing me your finished afghan and inspiring me to make one for my family!