Monday, June 05, 2006

Sumner Square

I've been working on the square designed by Judy Sumner, and it appears to be far smaller than the other squares I've made. I know my gauge hasn't changed, and it actually isn't that far off on width, but it seems as though it will be much too short. Has anyone else made this square and experienced something similar? I suppose I could add extra rows in between the spider on the bottom right and the web on the top right.

getting started

poking thru the knitter's 2000 fall issue i stumbled upon the 1st 4 blocks of this afghan. i am in awe. gorgeous! have ordered the pattern and am waiting for it anxiously! question? yarn to use.... considering lion brand's fisherman's wool. any comments or suggestions??? open to anything. would like to keep the afghan in cream, off white, etc.

browsing thru pics of some of the completed afghans. such talent! i hope someday to post a pic of my completed afghan.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Two squares completed

I've finished two GAAA squares in the past couple of weeks; they were great fun to knit. This one was designed by Ginger Smith and had a very interesting construction: knit up the first column, pick up stitches along the side, knit up the second column while decreasing away the picked up stitches, and so on. I like the way it turned out.

This square was designed by Marian Tabler; it's called "Tipsy Cables." I really like the shape of the cables; it's very unique.