Monday, June 05, 2006

getting started

poking thru the knitter's 2000 fall issue i stumbled upon the 1st 4 blocks of this afghan. i am in awe. gorgeous! have ordered the pattern and am waiting for it anxiously! question? yarn to use.... considering lion brand's fisherman's wool. any comments or suggestions??? open to anything. would like to keep the afghan in cream, off white, etc.

browsing thru pics of some of the completed afghans. such talent! i hope someday to post a pic of my completed afghan.



Cat said...

I'm knitting mine in Mary Maxim Irish Twist. It's an off-white/beige (as you can see from my post below). It's an acrylic yarn, so if you're opposed to the cheap stuff you might not like it, but it's fairly soft and provides nice stitch definition.

Sarah said...

I would recommend Plymouth Encore over the Lion Brand Fishermans. Encore isn't THAT much more expensive (I can get it for 5 bucks a ball--a little less than 1 ball per square), it feels better as I knit and, personally, I think it looks better.

Anonymous said...

I've done a whole afghan plus two pillows in Lion Brand Wool-ease. It came out beautiful (and is totally machine washable)! I'm halfway thru my second afghan, again using Wool-Ease.