Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My 7th Square and an Introduction

Thanks for the invitiation to join this knit-along. Well, I have been obsessed with GAAA ever since I saw a live version in Cascade 220 at Knit, New York last Autumn. Shortly after, I was the happy owner of the pattern and 30 skeins of Cascade 220 (100 % wool) bought at Webs with a 40% discount. Once in a while I wonder how I am going to use the 15 skeins or so that will be leftover... My unambitious plan is to knit a square a month, so far I am on track. It is the 7th monh and I have 7 squares. The current bet with bf is whether the afghan will be done or I have a permanent position first. I currently live on Long Island, New York and work as a post doc at Stony Brook University.
My 7th square is Marion Tabler, which was one of funniest ones so far. I love the tipsy cables.

You can see my knitting projects in my blog strikkeforsker (knitting scientist), where I write about knitting and life as a Dane in the US. The strange language is Danish :-)


wittyknits said...

Welcome Ulla! That tipsy cable was one of my favorites to knit too.

I can't wait to see how this works up in Cascade!

Michelle said...

Glad to meet you, Ulla! I took a peek at your blog and enjoyed the pictures, although the Danish was rather unintelligible to me. I really loved the shorts you knit up, in particular. Where'd you get the pattern?

strikkeforsker said...

Hi Michelle,
The shorts are adapted from a pattern in Danish book (Lena Blidell, Strikketøj). I have knitted the matching top as well (see Nov 04 in my blog). Unfortunately, the book is one of those new ones with fancy ideas and insufficient technical information. The finished size is missing and there is only directions for size medium. I had to modify the pattern...


Silver said...

Great job Ulla. Wasn't that square fun?

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