Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I made it!!

My GAAA has been delivered to Ohio State Fair judging. A mere one hour before the deadline, but it's there. Next time I see it will be when it's on display at the fair.

I started sewing up the squares on Sunday, and after taking off a day and a half from work, knitting from basically 9:30 am Monday until 3:30 am Tuesday and then sewing on the border as I was knitting it to get it sized right (I'd actually recommend this, because my corners would not have been in the right place otherwise) I finished it up about 4:45 on Tuesday. That left me enough time to get the entry tags on it, find my other two entries and hop into the car to drop it off, which was a strangely uneventful process.

I didn't get a chance to get any great photos, because I basically had to stand on my couch and shoot them while the afghan was on the floor, but here's a decent attempt:

My wrists are so swollen I'm not sure I'll be able to knit for the rest of this week. Which is a shame because I am absolutely *dying* to start something new. Something colorful, and not in cream colored yarn. :-)

Typing is making me a bit sore now, so I'll post more of my technical caveats here later. This was such a fun project -- I wish you all luck as you continue!


Silver said...

HURRAY!!! Great big congratulations to Amy!! :)

strikkeforsker said...

You GAAA looks beautiful.
The picture just inspired me to get hold of the needles and start the next square ASAP.