Thursday, April 26, 2007

Problems with Kathleen Carty Square

I am working on this afghan to give to my future in-laws in thanks for all that they have done in preparation for my upcoming wedding in November. I have been crusing through the squares and have about 7 of them done. I decided to tackle the Kathleen Carty square and I am stumped. I can't seem to turn the corner from Chart A toChart B correctly. I am pretty sure I did Chart A correctly. I think I am doing the HKW's incorrectly. Any help?



Angela said...

I haven't attempted this one yet since it's in the most difficult group and I'm still working on the easier ones. I found a comment from Michelle on the 11/14/05 post in the archives has some suggestions. Maybe that will help?

Good luck!

Angela said...

I was updating some of the links and I found this one that has grafting illustrations for that square:

I hope this helps!