Thursday, August 09, 2007

New knitter attempting to complete the afghan before Christmas 2007....

Hi All,

I am relatively new to knitting, and I am teaching myself as I go along. I find that the videos on to be invaluable. I just finished my fourth square today - The Carol Adam's square. I had great difficulty making the gauge on this one and had to add an additional diamond pattern. Actually ripped it out more times than I care to mention. Has anyone else had trouble with the gauges on the squares? I am going to attempt to do one of the squares that require a circular needle. I've never worked with circular needles before, so wish me luck. My goal is to complete the afghan for a Christmas present (yes, this year!) Is it doable? I'll post photos after I block them.




Cheryl said...

good luck bonnie and yes it is doable

Angela said...

Best of Luck! I agree that has been invaluable to me as I'm learning new stitches. Plus the forums are just plain fun.

I'm rooting for you!