Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've Only Just Begun!

Hi Folks - I'm brand new here. Your squares all look magnificent!! I was so happy to find this blog; I'm kind of overwhelmed before I even get started. I've purchased my wool, and found my gauge on size 8 needles. Now, I have a question right off the top.

I see that different patterns use different size needles, and the general instructions say to change needles according to the gauge on the various blocks - but I do not see gauges on the individual blocks. Am I missing something?

Planning to start today with one of the squares that looks like it is easiest. Of course, at the same time I am in the middle of knitting a sweater, and working on 3 different scrapbooks, and cross stitching a baby name hanging (we won't mention the 2 almost full time jobs).

I'd be glad of any help. Thanks so much - Alice

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