Monday, October 01, 2007

Still have that question

I know you folks can help me; all your squares look great. I just finished my first one, but still have my question. Some of the squares indicate different size needles - but they do not give gauges. I am working with size 8 needles, because that matches the gauge on the first page. I don't understand if I need to change that size for the "different" squares, and if so, how do I figure out what to change it to?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Angela said...

I am no expert in swatching but the gauge listed in the front of the pattern book has the following: 19 sts and 26 rows to 4" over stockinette stitch using US7 needles.

I believe that each designer used that gauge suggestion in their patterns and just did increases or decreases after the 3 ridge border. I just have been using the recommended needle for each so far (only 3 done) and I haven't had a major problem yet.

I hope this helps!

Agnes said...

I don't remember if I written about this before. For me, I usually started with the recommended needle size. Usually, after one pattern repeat or 1/3 into the pattern, I would know if I had the right stitch and row gauge. I would accept something that measure right on or at most 1 inch less ... since the blocking would take care of that. Otherwise, I would change the needle size as required. Yes, it might mean more time spent on the knitting. But I can assure you that after 2 or 3 squares, you would pretty much have a good idea which needle size to start.
I hope this helps.

Alice said...

Thanks for your help! I've finished two squares, started on the third - all of which claim to use the same size needles. Maybe next square I will get brave and one that says it uses a different size. Of course, it would help if I didn't like to knit in my "comfy chair" where I am likely to fall asleep during a row and knit while I sleep. Then, the results are very, very bad!