Monday, June 16, 2008

Latvian Moon Cross

Today I finished Dagmara Berztiss' 'Latvian Moon Cross'. It was really quite easy and really fun to knit. I probably should have used the recommended 4.5mm needles because using my 5mm needles, it's about an inch too tall and potentially too wide. I could also frog it and knit it again with the 5.0 needles and omit the moss stitch frame inside the garter stitch. We'll see when I assemble all the squares.

I learned how to round a curve. I am continuing to become more and more proficient doing cables without a cable needle.

I'm going on a car trip for a few days leaving on Wednesday. I think I'll do the Susan Rainey square (the one with the sweater) and do the stockinette background on the road.

Another one I plan to complete soon is Ann McCauley's 'Bobbledy Aran' Square.


Micky said...

I love seeing your progress.

Geri (that's my Ravelry name, too!) said...

Thanks, Micky! I'm really enjoying process of knitting and completing each square. :-)

BerwynIL said...

Dec 4: Got any suggestions on how to execute this stitch. The directions are this side of "totally Greek" to me. (No offense meant to anyone who is Greek, really) I have read; and reread the directions. Still can't make sense out of them.