Wednesday, July 02, 2008

And Another...

I finished knitting this square I designed. I'm not as pleased with the look of it as I was with the 'Knitting with Cables and Bobbles, oh my!' square but #12 is finished none the less.

I cast on 59 stitches and increased to 69 stitches. The centre pattern is the Filled Arrow Cable from p.202 of "Cables & Arans". The next pattern is Folded Cable (p.89) ascending on the left and descending on the right. The outer pattern is Garden Path Cable from p. 76. It didn't work out as perfectly mathematically so I added a few rows of reverse stocking stitch above the 4th arrow. The other two patterns were 6 stitches wide and I think it would have looked better if one had been a different width. There were 3 stitches of reverse stocking stitch between each pattern.

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Micky said...

They are all looking beautiful.