Thursday, September 25, 2008

House Keeping

Lately, I've had to remove posts and remove people from the blog membership. Let's try to keep this blog about the GAAA and knitting in general. Anything that I see as spam or inappropriate (offensive, political, etc) I will continue to remove and delete that person's membership.

If you think you've been deleted by mistake please contact me ASAP via email and we'll try to fix the situation. Hopefully we won't see anymore of this in the future and we can return to our knitting bliss!

How's everyone progressing? My GAAA is on hold until I finish my Christmas knitting . . .


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm from Poland. I just looked your blog, is wonderful, see my blog, soon will be in English too Gosia
Have a nice evening, or morning, etc.

Funkaknits said...

Hi! I sig ed up for the blog but can not figure out how to post here!

Thanks, Helen