Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Crunch time!

I've got 19 days left. My hope for getting this done is wearing thin. Unfortunately, I got virtually no work on this done this weekend, for a variety of reasons, both good and bad. But I do have 14 squares done now. Here are three I haven't shown as of yet.


This one was great fun.


This one made me hate bobbles with a passion.


This one went really fast.

Right now, I have Carty on the needles, and it's going pretty quickly. That leaves me with McIntire, Fenick, Tabler, Salpekar & Summer to go. I'm going to cast on for the border so I can carry that with me to work on during lunch, waiting in line, etc. Hopefully that will speed me up a bit.


Silver said...

Keep it up! You can do it! :)

Here's a suggestion since you're pressed for time. How about nix the last row of squares, and do a 4x4 square throw instead of a full sized afghan. If you do decide to do that, for the border, knit 24 repeats for all four sides.

Good luck!!

wittyknits said...

I might consider that. I'm going to keep going for now and see if I can make it. I have a couple days off work scheduled, so it still may be possible.

Worst thing that can happen if I don't finish it by the 19th is that it doesn't get into the state fair competition. After that, I'm ok, because my sister's wedding is the next week, and I already told her the gift would be late.