Thursday, October 27, 2005

Greetings from Estonia

It is amazing what one week away from home and only local TV channels in Russian, Estonian and Finnish along with BBC world and a Danish! sports channel can do to your productivity. I have not knitted on my GAAA squares since August but have now finished two squares in a 10 days. That's 10 down :-)
I am halfway through a two week visit to Estonia, a wonderful country with strong knitting traditions. They sell yarn in the tourist shops along with beatifulful knitted garments. There is more about that on my blog.

The Barbara Selesnick Square, which came out to 11"x11"

Meridith Morioka which almost measures 13" by 13". Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures, but the light is not the greatest in my hotel room.
I have used the recommended European needle sizes and is somewhat puzzled about the large difference in size for the two squares. Any one else had the same experience?
Oh well, maybe I just picked the largest and the smallest of them to knit. On the needles is the Dana Hurt Square, which is about 20% done.


Cat said...

My squares have come out quite different in size as well; I suppose it all evens out when it's sewn together.
Those two squares look great!

wittyknits said...

Mine were all slightly different sizes, but those two were definitely on the extreme end. Blocking helped a little, but mostly, I made up for it when sewing it all together, but arranging the afghan with short and tall rows.

Micky said...

Very nice work. Really pretty.

Barbara Selesnick said...

Re: Barbara Selesnick Square

Your heart square is stunning! I hope that you enjoyed knitting it as much as I enjoyed designing it.
Barbara Selesnick