Saturday, November 05, 2005

Another two squares finished

Thanks for your comments on the size variation of the squares, the two new ones are more normal. The chilly Autumn in Estonia has resulted in another two squares finished. First one is the Dana Hurts square. It is easy to spot the two obvious mistakes in that square.

Quiet frankly, I did not bother to fix it as the square remains symmetric and it gives a cool effect. I am obsessed with symmetry, an occupational hazard from being a chemist by training.

This is the Dagmara Berztiss square and was knitted enroute from Amsterdam to JFK this Wednesday. What else to do stuck in economy for 8 hrs?
It is one of the prettiest squares in the book, a simple, but elegant pattern. There are a couple of squares which I find too crowded. My current favorites in an unprioritized order and subject to change are:
1. Carol Adams, because it is simple and reversible.
2. Barbara McIntire, I looooove the intricate cables.
3. Betty Salpeka. It will be a challenging knit and beautiful cables.
4. Dagmara Berztiss, scientific design :-)
What are you favorites?


Anonymous said...

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Micky said...

Those are beautiful squares.
I love all the cable designs. The square that sold the book for me however, was the one with the mini sweater on it. I had been debating about getting the book, and when I saw that I automatically ordered it.