Friday, January 26, 2007

Ann Strong Square help on reading the instructions

I am working on the ann strong square of the aran afghan and I do not understand what rows they want me to use after row 8 they say to do up to row 20 on A chart but B and C only go to 8 what do I do with the stitches inbetween.


Carol said...

You would just keep repeating the 8 rows of B and C. So on row 9 of A, start over with row 1 of B and C. (I don't have the pattern right in front of me, but this is what I did for other squares)

Hope this helps!

Sara said...

okay thanks I am going to try that I was not sure on another square I just repeated the last row and this square would not allow that. thank you

Michelle said...

You've probably already gotten past your roadblock, but in case anyone else is confused I wanted to confirm that Carol is exactly right. You can think of the square as being a bunch of independent columns (see the diagram at the bottom of page 35 to see how these columns relate to each other). When you reach the end of a chart, you start over again at the beginning of that chart without worrying about what's happening in any of the other columns. You can check this against the photo of the square--those cables on the ends (Charts B and C) repeat all the way up the square.

When it says "cont in pats as established until 20 rows of Chart A have been worked 3 times, then work rows 1-13 once more," what it's really saying is to keep the three charts repeating for 73 rows, and, oh, by the way, you know you've done 73 rows when you've finished Chart A 3 times and done 13 more rows. The direction about repeating Chart A is just a bookmark to help you decide when it's time to stop repeating your charts and finish the square.