Monday, January 22, 2007

Would you like to moderate this blog?

Hi all--

I was wondering if anyone would like to take over the administration of the GAAAA blog? It doesn't take a whole lot of time, just a familiarity with blogger to be able to set up new people on the blog.

I finished this project over a year ago, so my ability to answer questions about it is waning at this point, and my knitting time has dropped significantly, as I've joined a roller derby league (the Ohio Roller Girls) so I am not blogging near as much as I was when this started.

If you are interested in helping me out and keeping this blog running, please let me know by emailing me at pixiegrrl24 AT yahoo DOT com.


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MotherHenKnits said...

I was wondering if you found a moderator yet. I'm a current member and I just started using Blogger for a personal knitting website ( ). I have never moderated a blog before but I can try and see how it goes since Blogger seems to be pretty straightforward so far.

If I can help please send me an email at suziehomemaker323 AT yahoo DOT com.