Wednesday, August 06, 2008

15 and16 Are Finished

I have finished the 15th square which was designed by Ada Fenick.

It was an easy knit on 5mm needles. I added two reverse stocking stitches between the garter stitches and the celtic braid on each side to give it a bit more width. Only 5 squares to go!

I'm quite pleased with the next square which I designed. The trailing leaves up the middle were surprisingly easy to execute. On the bottom left I went the wrong way with the second leaf so I just copied the 'design feature' on the top right.

These designs are from the Leisure Arts book "50 Fabulous Knit Stitches". The patterns of the square I'm currently knitting are also from this book - 2 types of trailing vines and leaves. I hope to finish them today.

1 comment:

Micky said...

I just love those trees.

And your design feature.