Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ten squares in!

I've been designing my own squares for this from an awesome book of cable patterns I found. I haven't been making enough allowance for different patterns having different tensions, so some squares are bigger than others but I'm hoping it'll all come out in the wash... A couple of them below:


EABartlett said...

Just curious what book you were getting some of your ideas from. I'm waiting for Cables & Arans from the library--so excited to make something "unique" after being a conformist for 4 squares!

Carolyn said...

It's a second-hand book called Stitch Patterns - it's great because it's taught me to knit aran patterns from a chart. I got it on ebay. I'd hate to go back to verbal patterns now. I've stopped with these for the summer because 100% wool aran is too hot to knit with in good weather!