Monday, August 04, 2008

Two Completed Squares

Here are my first two completed squares. I'm knitting my afghan with Plymouth Yarn Galway Highland Heather (made in Peru :-)) in a lovely pale green. It's 100% wool and I love working with it with bamboo needles. I invested in a more expensive yarn since this project is so much work (for me anyways!). I'm making it for my boyfriend and myself to commemorate our trip to Ireland last year that inspired me to try some Aran patterns that I was terrified of! These are Dana Hurt and Ann Strong's squares, and I finished Ginger Smith's square today as well, but it's being blocked. I was initially panicked that the squares were so narrow, but they've blocked beautifully to 12x12 so far. I'm even feeling brave enough to design a few squares of my own. I welcome comments, and any advice from you brave folks who have gone before me in this project!

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