Friday, April 22, 2005


I cast on for the Selesnick square last isn't one of my favorites but it seemed a good way to get back into the project. Not too much complicated counting (one repeat is 20 rows, one is 4, one is 2. I know I'm sort of match challenged, but I hate it when one repeat is 24, one is 10, one is 4).

I had the bright idea of doing 'no needle' cables for the 1/1 lc, but think I already messed it up (after just one row of no needle cables). I think this will be a design flaw though.

Will post a pic as soon as it make sense!

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wittyknits said...

That's what I think my next square will be. I've only just done 8 or so rows of the one I'm working on now, so I'll definitely be behind you in that, so I'll keep my eyes peeled for how hard it is. :-)