Monday, April 18, 2005

My progress so far

I started this knit along after starting the afghan in January 2005. I currently have 3 blocks done, and one more barely started. I need to finish this afghan by the end of July/early August. So I need to pick up the pace.

Right now I've done three of the four blocks marked "easy" in the booklet. I dare say easy refers to the cables, and not the ease of reading the charts. Because I had a bad time with the first one. Partially because I knit it on planes, and partially because the cable crosses happen on the back and the front. That was the block with the DNA cable:

The second square I completed is what I'd likely recommend as a good starter square, or a good "take a break" square after some harder ones. It was a simple chart, a really easy cable pattern, and the popcorn stitch on the sides was addictive.

My third is my favorite to look at so far. It looks far more complex than it was.

I do wish some of these were better planned for starting and ending in better places within the pattern--see the middle of that last one for what I'm talking about.

I'm keeping a page up to track my progress and mess with the arrangements here. It will also show the 20 squares I've chosen for my blanket.


Kim in Oregon said...

I've done the second and third ones that you've done...I think I'll do your first one next!

Michelle said...

Where did everyone get their copy of the book? I've tried mainstream places in addition to my LYS but no one seems to have it. Is there a favorite random knitting website that I should buy it from?

(P.S. Since I'm still trying to get the book, obviously no progress yet!)

wittyknits said...


I got mine at an LYS near me, but I have seen it at a few online stores also. I know has it for sure. It took me a while to find it online, because it didn't show up in froogle many places.