Friday, April 29, 2005

Introduction and Advice

Based on the recommendations found in another knitting blog, I decided to take up the challenge of knitting one of these Afghans. I'm a relatively new knitter, previously more of a crocheter. Once I picked up the second needle though, I never went back! My personal blog can be found at, it's both knitting and personal, I don't keep a separate one. Yet. :P

I finally received the book (ordered from knitpicks) yesterday, and immediately gushed over all of the patterns. i had thought it was beautiful looking at what'd been done already by you all, but the total package up close makes me quite pleased that I stumbled upon this!

My questions are as follows - did you find the yarn recommendation (Encore I beleive it was, the book is at home) a good one, or did you swap out with another yarn? Also, I've only ever done one cabling project before, what do you think a good square is to start on - one of the 5 advertised 'easy squares' or one of the other ones? Lastly - Are any of you doing the pillows as well?

I look forward to starting on this project sometime this week. Hope you all are doing well with yours!


Silver said...

Hi Misty! Glad to see you've joined in on this project. It's a lot of fun and will teach you new techniques through every square. :)

I'm using Encore yarn and love the feel of it. It's a nice, plush worsted, and best of all, they say you can "wash and dry with abandon". For an off white afghan that EVERYONE will want to use, washability is very important.

I recommend that you start with the Julie H Levy square. Don't be intimidated by the number of cables. Once you get going, it's easy as pie (just watch your twist directions! Ask me how I know.) And it is one of the 5 easiest squares.

I *might* do the pillows afterwards, but I'm not making any promises. lol

Kim in Oregon said...

Hi Misty. I really like encore. I rarely use the exact yarn and color that a pattern recommends, but with this one I did. Like Kristin said, I wanted something washable, and I also really really like the color.

If you aren't used to cables, i would definitely start with the easy ones. The Selesnick one that I'm doing is the simplest of the three I've done. Personally, I would rate them (easiest to hardest): Selesnick, Belanger, Levy. Although Belanger and Levy are pretty close.

Pillows, who knows. There are several squares I don't like too well so I know I won't be doing those, so I may do duplicates as pillows (or maybe invent my own by the time I've finished 20 squares...we should be pretty good at this by then and maybe someone here will design her own??).

Michelle said...

Welcome, Misty! I just ordered the book from knitpicks last week (hasn't arrived yet), so you and I will probably be on the same schedule.

I would call myself an intermediate knitter (done lots of cabling, but nothing as fancy as what some of these squares look like they'll have). Mostly my worry is time pressure, since I'm knitting the afghan for my sister's wedding at the end of July.

I ordered 25 balls of Encore online ( because they had the color I want (a purple which will match the quilt my sister's fiance's mother has made them) on clearance for $3 a skein. I plan on making the afghan extra-large (probably five squares by six), which I think will cannibalize the extra pillow squares plus require either some duplicates or some designing of my own for the remainder. I sure hope the afghan will be as beautiful in lavendar as it is in off-white!

Anyway, when you decide which square you want to start with, post it here. I can start with the same one, so that if either of us has problems the other can help. =)

wittyknits said...

I'm using Encore, because of it's washability/durability, and also because the price is pretty good for having to buy that much yarn. I like it so far, even better than the wool ease I used for an afghan last year.

I'm on the fourth "easy" square now, the Ann Strong one, and it's way easy. I would recommend you not start with the one with the DNA cable--this is only my second cabled project, and I about gave up on it after starting with that one, because it's a harder one to read the stitches on because there are cable twists on both RS and WS.

I'm not doing the pillows, only because there were enough squares that I disliked to make just the blanket. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am using the Encore as well. I like the feel of it, it needs to be washable, and the price was right. I am using a soft sage green color and plan to edge it with a deeper green for contrast. Linda

Susan said...

I am using Patons Encore and found it very easy to knit - and it's washable...which is a must for me with the teenage boys and 2 big, hairy Labs!

Susan said...

Oops sorry...tht was Patons Decor that I am using!