Saturday, April 23, 2005

New Member :)

Just wanted to introduce myself :) My name is Carissa and my blog is Knitting Maniac. I've been wanting to knit this Afghan FOREVER! and am so happy to finally have the pattern and yarn to do it! I'm already onto my 5th block too!

So far I'm doing them in random order. Finishing a block and then browsing the pattern until the next one grabs my attention. Right now I'm working on the "Tree of Life" block. So far I've had to restart it 4 times *lol* I keep loosing 2 stitches for some strange reason.

Anyways, here are the 2 blocks that I have photos of so far :) I'll take pics of the other blocks once they're dry.


Kim in Oregon said...

So how hard was the top one? I love the look of those but they are scaring me to death!

Silver said...

I wasn't going to do Jay Campbell's block because I didn't like the look of it in the book... but oddly, I really do like yours! Maybe I'll have to reconsider! :D