Wednesday, May 25, 2005

9 of 20 done...

...and my carpal tunnel is kicking in.

I just finished the square with the fish this evening:

I'll agree with others of you who commented that this one was pretty easy. It was. However, all that ktbl stuff was killer on my wrists, and now I'm left with stabbing pains in my arms. Ooops. I think I overdid it. May need to take a little break for the next couple of days.

And over the weekend, I also finished the one built in columns:

Was the picking up as bad as I'd feared? No. Was it still pointless. Yeah, kinda. I mean, the engineering was interesting, but doing all that turning to compensate for short little columns got old after a while.

Two more to go and I can do my second round of blocking!

1 comment:

Silver said...

Way to go!! You're really churning them out now! :)