Monday, May 16, 2005

Two more photos!

I am rolling right along on my afghan. I'm up to 7 complete now.

Last weekend, I finished the Adams square:

I promise that center piece isn't as messed up as it looks. In general, this one was pretty simple. As I mentioned before, the hardest part was keeping the WS & RS straight since it's reversible, but it was pretty memorizable other than that.

If you look closely at the side cables you'll notice a bit of a difference between this and the way the pattern is written. See, I kind of forgot to cable on one side at a point early on, but I didn't notice until I was about 8 rows past it. So rather than rip it out, I decided to skip the cabling at the same point in the center pattern either side. At work, we'd say of this, "It's not a bug, it's a feature." I kind of like the way it turned out this way. (Larger photos here if you want to take a closer look at this.

Tonight, I finished the Selesnick square:

This one wasn't all that hard at all. In fact, just as I started, I misplaced the cable needle I'd been using, so I did this one without cable needles. I'm so proud of myself! This one didn't turn out as small as I'd expected given the problems other people have noticed with it. I used a US 8 as the pattern called for, so it's definitely at a bit looser gauge though.

I cast on tonight for the Ginger Smith square, which is another of my favorites as far as look goes. I keep wanting to start one in the round, but I'm not convinced I can concentrate on those while I'm super busy. Maybe next week.

I also blocked my first 5 squares this weekend and they've turned out beautifully. I've never blocked Encore before and it really got quite soft after a good soaking. I'm impressed with it!

How is everyone else doing?

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Kim in Oregon said...

The squares look great!

I had to give up on the reversible cables, but I'll try again soon. I'm doing the Hurt (the hurtin') square now.