Monday, May 02, 2005

Not quite....

Well, I didn't quite make my goal of finishing the Ann Strong square this weekend, but I got 2/3 of the way through it. I spent two hours straight working on it yesterday, which was pretty good. I have a hard time working on these squares for long stretches at a time.

Here it is so far. This photo reinforces my decision to start blocking now:

I would suggest this is a good square for the non-chart users to try to use charts with. Since the bulk of the patterns are done in seed stitch, it would be a good one for learning how to read the charts, since you'll be able to see what you should be doing on the piece fairly easily too.

I'm officially 5 squares behind now, as my sister's wedding is 11 weeks away, and I almost have 4 done. I'd better pick up the pace!


Silver said...

You're doing great, I really believe you'll get it finished in time. Just be sure you're giving yourself a chance to enjoy it, instead of pushing to get it finished by a deadline. :)

wittyknits said...

I am trying to...I just found out today though, that my deadline is actually sooner than I thought. I want to enter this in our state fair, which is in August, which I thought would give me more time beyond my sister's wedding date. But no, they want entries dropped off for judging in mid-July.

Maybe I'll take a week off work. :-)

mak506 said...

Ha! I've never taken off work to knit, but that's a fun idea.