Monday, May 09, 2005

Two more done, 15 to go

I never posted a photo of the square I finished last week. Here it is, still unblocked, but at least it's done:

Then last night, I finished this one:

That's definitely my favorite so far. It was a really easy pattern to do, once it got going, because all of the side charts were pretty much memorizable.

I do wish the decreases in the lace charts had been written with left & write directions, as the K2togs seem to look odd in some places, and I think SSKs would have made more sense there. But all in all the pattern was quite forgiving of my mistakes, so I'm happy. :-)

In an effort to catch up to my 25 row a day goal (it's not hard, but if you're doing two other projects that have deadlines at the same time...), I cast on for yet another square, the one with the YO diamonds in the center. Not much done yet:

This is also a fairly simple pattern, except for one thing. It's written to be somewhat reversible, so it's worked in garter stitch, so I keep confusing myself as to if I'm on a WS or RS row. Once I get that figured out, it should go quickly.

And I know I keep saying it, but I really am going to start blocking this week. I have the sneaking suspicion that at least one square will need a lot of help--I don't think I knitted my DNA cable square long enough--it looks awfully stunted next to the others--has anyone else done this one yet? I'm seriously considering re-knitting it if I have time, because it has the most noticeable mistakes in it, and it was my first square.


Kim in Oregon said...

You are a rockin' knitter!


wittyknits said...

Thanks Kim!

Silver said...

I have done the DNA square. Blocking helps it quite a bit. It'll stretch out nicely to 12x12. ;)

Anne said...

Hi! I am about to start this afghan myself. Did you find any errors, or do you know if there is a published list of errata for this pattern book?
thanks in advance - Anne

wittyknits said...

I blocked mine on Tuesday night and so far so good--it looks better and made it to 12 x 12!

wittyknits said...


The only errata I could find in googling is over in the sidebar. It's for the Salpekar Square, and I believe it only applies to the written patter--the chart should be ok.