Friday, April 29, 2005

Halfway through Selesnick Square

Hi all, hope everyone had a good week.

I'm about halfway thorugh the Selesnick Square. I think this is a relatively simple/straightforward square but I really enjoy doing it. I can also see doing some of the cables (not the hearts, but the ones on the side) on a scarf in the near future. And believe it or not, I even got the 'cableneedleless cable' part down.

This is one of the patterns when every other row is basically 'knit the knits and purl the purls'. I find this gives me a little concentration break, which I like. I think I need the concentration break because I read the written words and not hte charts...I think I should try to read charts now and see how I do.

What does everyone here do...words or charts? Or both?

Introduction and Advice

Based on the recommendations found in another knitting blog, I decided to take up the challenge of knitting one of these Afghans. I'm a relatively new knitter, previously more of a crocheter. Once I picked up the second needle though, I never went back! My personal blog can be found at, it's both knitting and personal, I don't keep a separate one. Yet. :P

I finally received the book (ordered from knitpicks) yesterday, and immediately gushed over all of the patterns. i had thought it was beautiful looking at what'd been done already by you all, but the total package up close makes me quite pleased that I stumbled upon this!

My questions are as follows - did you find the yarn recommendation (Encore I beleive it was, the book is at home) a good one, or did you swap out with another yarn? Also, I've only ever done one cabling project before, what do you think a good square is to start on - one of the 5 advertised 'easy squares' or one of the other ones? Lastly - Are any of you doing the pillows as well?

I look forward to starting on this project sometime this week. Hope you all are doing well with yours!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

#12 Cast On!

I finished my Bella pullover (see it on my blog), so I'm back to my GAAA. #12 (Ann Strong) square has been cast on. :)

How's everyone else doing?

Monday, April 25, 2005

Two More Blocks Blocked :)

That's right! I'm so happy :) block 3 and 4 are all blocked and dry and ready for the grand finale! block 5 is blocking right now. I'm taking a little break from the afghan, probably a week, to catch up on my other knitting. But I'll be back!!!

All fixed

Ready to post away! Thanks, Amy. =)

Saturday, April 23, 2005


I blocked my Hanna Burns square last night. It's actually been finished for like two weeks, but I've been working on other projects and got distracted. *oops* Next up for me is Ann Strong's square. I'm doing them in order, minus the ones I picked out for pillows. I'll do them after the afghan is finished, *if* I do them at all.

I'm not starting on my next square right away though. I'm working on a sweater also, and I'm on the sleeves now so I really want to get that finished. Should be finished this week, then back to the GAAA.

An Introduction

Hello fellow knitters! I'm Kristin. I've been knitting for almost 5 years now, and since then, yarn has become my passion. I'm also a new spinner. My blog is Bite This Knit Bit.

I started on the GAAA in January, and have since completed 11 squares. (#11 is blocking right now.) So far, it's one of the most enjoyable projects I've tackled. I love aran patterns, natural colored wool is my favorite color to work with, and since each square is a mini project, I feel like I have a little FO each time. Plus, each pattern has taught me a new technique or two, making it even more invaluable. I'm thrilled to see others knitting it too.

Aside from knitting, I am a freelance graphic artist and website designer. Although it takes time away from my knitting, it funds my yarn addiction quite nicely. ;) I also hand make soap and body products, and dabble in many other forms of arts and crafts. But... knitting will always be my first love.

New Member :)

Just wanted to introduce myself :) My name is Carissa and my blog is Knitting Maniac. I've been wanting to knit this Afghan FOREVER! and am so happy to finally have the pattern and yarn to do it! I'm already onto my 5th block too!

So far I'm doing them in random order. Finishing a block and then browsing the pattern until the next one grabs my attention. Right now I'm working on the "Tree of Life" block. So far I've had to restart it 4 times *lol* I keep loosing 2 stitches for some strange reason.

Anyways, here are the 2 blocks that I have photos of so far :) I'll take pics of the other blocks once they're dry.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Housecleaning stuff!

Hi everyone--

We're up to four members now! Woohoo!

Just wanted to let you all know that I've started some link lists over in the sidebar--I found a few places selling the afghan pattern, and also some photos of finished and in progress afghans around the web. If you know of anything else that should be included, leave a comment on this post, and I'll add it to the list.

Also, if you hadn't noticed, there's a knit-along button over there in the sidebar as well that you can steal for your blogs. I don't even care if you directly link to my server, as I have a great deal on unlimited bandwidth ( rocks!)

Hope this weekend will bring you all productive knitting time!



I cast on for the Selesnick square last isn't one of my favorites but it seemed a good way to get back into the project. Not too much complicated counting (one repeat is 20 rows, one is 4, one is 2. I know I'm sort of match challenged, but I hate it when one repeat is 24, one is 10, one is 4).

I had the bright idea of doing 'no needle' cables for the 1/1 lc, but think I already messed it up (after just one row of no needle cables). I think this will be a design flaw though.

Will post a pic as soon as it make sense!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Going to Start on #3!

OK...this KAL is giving me the motivation to cast on for my 3rd square. Any thoughts on which one I should do? I've done the second and third ones that Amy has done, but I"m up for any suggestions as to what #3 should be.

Monday, April 18, 2005

My progress so far

I started this knit along after starting the afghan in January 2005. I currently have 3 blocks done, and one more barely started. I need to finish this afghan by the end of July/early August. So I need to pick up the pace.

Right now I've done three of the four blocks marked "easy" in the booklet. I dare say easy refers to the cables, and not the ease of reading the charts. Because I had a bad time with the first one. Partially because I knit it on planes, and partially because the cable crosses happen on the back and the front. That was the block with the DNA cable:

The second square I completed is what I'd likely recommend as a good starter square, or a good "take a break" square after some harder ones. It was a simple chart, a really easy cable pattern, and the popcorn stitch on the sides was addictive.

My third is my favorite to look at so far. It looks far more complex than it was.

I do wish some of these were better planned for starting and ending in better places within the pattern--see the middle of that last one for what I'm talking about.

I'm keeping a page up to track my progress and mess with the arrangements here. It will also show the 20 squares I've chosen for my blanket.

Join us!

I started this blog because I am on a deadline with the Great American Aran Afghan, and need some inspiration/camraderie. So if you want to do this project, or a similar one, of just want to use the stitch patterns from the booklet on something else, feel free to join!

To join, email your name, blog URL (if you have one), link to your photos/progress (if you have one) and email address to pixiegrrl24 AT yahoo DOT com and I'll get you set up.

I'll be tweaking the layout of this page and adding links to the sidebar during this week, so feel free to send me suggestions, graphics,etc.

Happy Knitting!